Meet The Team

Lauren Talbert

Happily born and raised in West Virginia, Lauren is a mama to a crazy little munchkin, Killian Leif. Ryan is her dude and they have been going on adventures since eloping in 2011. She has two furr babies, Leo-the Chiweenie & Tripper-the Maine Coon. Sushi and hiking are two of her favs. She loves a good book and can't survive without regular doses of Coca-Cola. 

Dana Garlow

Mom to three and jack-of-all-trades, is Dana. Her trusty sidekick, Art is always ready to be a part of her daily adventures and has been since 2012. She bathes in sunshine as often as she can and loves to snack on black licorice.

She likes to dabble in woodworking and jewelry design when time allows her. She loves her family and always puts God first.


Salad Tosser / Food Photographer

A millennial born in the wrong decade, Ren is daughter & sister of owners Dana and Lauren. She'll be a senior at Fairmont Senior this Fall and has a rad record collection. Not only is she the best sister eva, she is always on hand to help and has a keen eye behind a camera lense. She enjoys painting, anything from the 80's and hanging with her BF, Maxwell.

Lexi Haberland

Hushpuppy Master

Lexi is a bouncing ball of sunshine always scooting around in a pair of Chuck Taylors. She will be a senior at Fairmont Senior High School this Fall and can be found on the Volleyball court. She's a rad little lady who always has your back and gives her all.

Alli Crites

Sandwich Topper

Alli is a recent Fairmont Senior graduate who is on her way to WVU this Fall. We'll enjoy her smile while we can. She's always up to the challenge and never backs down. She's an A+ when it comes to condiments. We'll miss her when she leaves but she's always got a home on the truck.

Eden Bartlett

Change Wrangler / Helping Hand

Eeds is our cousin who always swings in to save the day! Not only is she beautiful and oh-so-pleasant to be around but she comes prepared to rumble. She's a full time beautician but she helps us out in a pinch from time-to-time.


What makes us different

Hey there! If you're reading this, you were curious about our little business and why we do what we do! So, thank you! We appreciate you stopping by to find out more about us.

Before we had a name, we had a passion. That crazy habitat of hard work, days of planning, the copious lists written on every scrap of paper, and late night cram sessions are where we thrive. Turn up the heat in the kitchen & we kick into gear.

I have the rare opportunity to work in harmony with my mama and we get into our groove and can weather the crazy storm that is food service with little more than some grunts, nods, and our unspoken kitchen shorthand.

Our place of choice is behind the scenes, the cogs and spokes of the operation. We love to watch people enjoy the company of their family and friends when celebrating life's joys. Its an honor to be included in those priceless days and momentous occasions in a capacity we can turned furrowed brows into easy smiles.

Through the week, we love to be a part of your day, sharing love through what we enjoy the most- good food. We come from a family that has instilled the need to uphold high standards of cleanliness, service, and excellent hospitality. 

Life is crazy and can be a little bit wild. But we always try to bloom where we're planted and thrive in any environment. We do what we do because we cannot imagine doing anything else. And nothing makes it better than when you can do what you love and share that along with a smile with everyone that crosses our path.

share food. spread love.

Lauren Talbert


We proudly recycle & use biodegradable disposables



1523 Mary Lou Retton Drive

Fairmont, West Virginia




Tel: 681-404-6442




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